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Visit to the KEKELI Efficient Power (KEP) site
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On Thursday April 30, 2020, a site visit was organized for the Togo Invest team by KEKELI Efficient Power (KEP) General Management.

This visit made it possible to observe the good progress of the civil engineering works, in accordance with the schedule and according to safety standards.

The work is carried out by VINCI under the supervision of TSK, in charge of the construction of the thermal power plant.

As a reminder, Togo Invest is a shareholder in the KIFEMA CAPITAL investment vehicle, which holds 25% of the project company Kekeli Efficient Power (KEP).

The main shareholder of KEP is the ERANOVE group, up to 75%.


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To become the strategic financial instrument of the togolese State capable of developping and leveraging sustainable investments with the aim to accelerate economic growth and to build a strong and dynamic economy for the wellbeing of the togolese population.

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To lead in the development of strategic investments by and for the State in order to create value for Togo’s economy and its citizens.

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