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Togo Invest is a State Owned Company created by the government of Togo through decree N° 2012/218/PR of November 14, 2012 and is governed by law N°90 – 26 of December 04, 1990, and by its implementing decree N°91 – 197 of August 16, 1991.

Togo Invest is also governed by OHADA’s Uniform Act relating to Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Groups and by its own bylaws.

The establishment of Togo Invest initiates a focused approach by the Government of Togo aimed at accelerating economic growth and development of the economy of Togo. At the center of this approach is the development of a modern logistics and development corridor running the length of Togo and servicing its economy and those in the hinterland.

To achieve this, Togo Invest aspires to establish itself as an investment holding company able to attract revenue earning assets that will allow infrastructure and development investments.