Cinkasse Dry Port

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Context and objectives

As part of the Corridor Project, Togo Invest plans to develop a dry port on a 100 hectares area in the vicinity of Cinkassé to containerize and strengthen the transport corridor between Lomé and Cinkassé, the border town with Burkina Faso.

The following list contains the major elements of the infrastructure to be developed on the future site:

  • Customs facilities for goods from Burkina Faso and Ghana (possibly also goods from Niger);
  • Facilities and equipment for the transfer of cargo between trucks and possibly from a train wagon to a truck and vice versa;
  • Freight installations and warehouses for containerization and freight distribution;
  • Several offices for the development of logistics procedures and organizations.


Specifically it is about:

  • Develop a dry port in Cinkassé that meets international standards, making it possible to promote containerization of goods passing through the Lomé –Cinkassé corridor;
  • Reducing costs and product delivery times through a dedicated infrastructure that brings together all stakeholders;
  • Guarantee greater security of goods by setting up appropriate techniques and equipments for physical handling, storage, delivery, etc. ;
  • Provide technology and performance transfer for the operation of the PSC through management delegated to a specialized operator;

Ensure the regularity and acceleration of the import and export circuit allowing a revival of the Togolese economy and that of the interland countries through increased economic activity as well as uptake.


The site is located to the east of the NR1 (National Road 1) and extends over approximately 3 km along the NR1. It thus has an area of around 100 ha.

The scope of the project includes all the land required for the dry port project (approximately 100 ha) and its access routes to water, electricity and sewerage networks. Accessing the site is very easy.

It is just contiguous to the NR1 towards the North-East.

Project cost

The overall cost of the project estimated between 50-100 million USD

Preferred financing mode

To Learn more

Headquarters: Lomé Avenue Duisburg 43.QAD

B.P. 7633 Lomé-TOGO
Phone. : +228 22 23 12 80
Email: [email protected]

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