Multiservices Logistics Platform

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Context and objectives

As part of the National Development Plan (PND) 2018-2022, Togo Invest, in partnership with the Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT), undertakes to develop a Multiservice Logistics Platform and other logistics facilities with the objective of streamline port operations at the Autonomous Port of Lomé to make it a logistics hub of choice to efficiently serve multiple destinations.

L’infrastructure sera composée d’une route dédiée avec accès au port, des espaces de stationnement pour les camions, divers types d’entrepôts, des infrastructures de base sur le site et autres installations appropriées (centre de contrôle logistique et maintenance, bureaux, logements et restaurants…)


The goal of the project is to decongest the Port of Lomé (PAL) for a more optimal use of the port area and beyond make fluid traffic and transport of goods to the countries of the hinterland.


The project will extend over a 100 ha site identified and secured with proximity to basic infrastructure (access roads to the Port, electricity and water supply). There will be parking for heavy vehicles, spaces (covered and open) for the storage and handling of freight and containers. Are available :

  • Preliminary studies (advisability, topography, etc.)
  • Feasibility studies, geotechnical studies and topographical surveys.

Project cost

$ 50 million (Phase 1 and 2)

Preferred financing mode

To Learn more

Headquarters: Lomé Avenue Duisburg 43.QAD

B.P. 7633 Lomé-TOGO
Phone. : +228 22 23 12 80
Email: [email protected]

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