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  • Ports
    • Logistic hub at the back of the port
    • Land development for the establishment of industrial a special economic zones
    • Modernization of the mineral quay
  • Airport
    • Build a new airport near Lomé
  • Railroad
    • Build a railway network from Lomé Port to the northern border
  • Roads
    • Build a 675 km-motorway from the port of Lomé to the northern border


Natural resources: phosphate, iron, manganese, marble, platinum, bauxite, etc.

  • Phosphates :
    – Soft phosphate – potential annual production: 3 million tons
    – Research is underway for phosphates in the North of Togo
  • Iron : mine is located 400 km north of Lomé
  • Manganese: proven reserve is located 600 km North of  Lomé
  • Research is in progress for uranium, rare earth, tungsten


  • Context : 25% of Togo needs is covered by the national electricity production
    • Current consumption is 150 MW
    • Future need is more than 500 MW if the corridor is built
  • Current opportunities in power production projects
    • Construction of thermal power plant by TI (300 MW)
    • Construction of 161 KV Energy Line Network (300 km)
  • Rural electrification
    • Solar power generation for utilities, schools and public administrations
    • Investment is needed both in transmission and distribution


Agriculture remains one of the engines of economic growth. Togo has the highest ratio of arable land within ECOWAS 3.4 million hectares of which less than 45% are currently exploited.
Therefore, we would like to attract investments that will help:

  • Establish an “agropolis” including an agro-food industry;
  • Revitalize the cash crop sector (coffee, cocoa, palm oil and cotton);
  • Train agricultural experts on irrigation techniques;
  • Constructing water retention systems in agricultural areas
  • Storing and processing agricultural products.

Information and Technology and Communication


  • 3 % fixed line penetration & 54% mobile voice penetration in 2012
  • Togo Telecom, state-owned fixed line operator (built the undersea cable station)
  • Togo Cellulaire, state-owned mobile company (60% market share)
  • Moov, a mobile carrier owned by Etisalat (40% market share)

Future Actions

  • Restructure national telecom companies
  • Ongoing tender for the attribution of a third mobile operator
  • Build a science park to attract best in class companies
  • Identify partners to build and manage fiber networks & data centers
  • Develop hosted & managed services for enterprises


  • Looking for private partners to
    • Manage or invest in existing state-owned hotels
      • For example, Hotel de la paix ; Hotel tropicana
    • Establish a touristic water front
    • Build or manage new 4-star or 5 star-hotels
  • Many cultural and natural sites
    • Cf. Koutamakou (World Heritage List of Unesco)
    • Waterfalls, national parks, caves, beaches, lakes, mountains etc.
    • Current projects to build circuit sites & organize leisure activities
  • Develop business tourism

Our vision

To become the strategic financial instrument of the togolese State capable of developping and leveraging sustainable investments with the aim to accelerate economic growth and to build a strong and dynamic economy for the wellbeing of the togolese population.

Our mission

To lead in the development of strategic investments by and for the State in order to create value for Togo’s economy and its citizens.

Our Values

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