“Kékéli Efficient Power” power plant

Aware of the major challenges relating to maintaining the supply / demand balance on the Togolese market, the Togolese authorities wished to implement an emergency procedure in order to rapidly increase the supply of electricity production in Togo.


The KEKELI project consists of the design, financing, construction and operation over a 25-year period of a combined cycle thermal power plant with a capacity of 65 MW in the area of the Autonomous Port of Lomé.


The power station will operate mainly on natural gas, which can be substituted with propane 95 as secondary fuel or even distillate diesel oil (DDO) as the backup.


In addition to the power plant, the project also includes the construction of a 161 KV energy evacuation station and a 161 KV energy evacuation line to the interconnection station to the national network of Lomé Port. .


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