Doing Business in Togo

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Since 2011, Togo has improved its ranking in the Doing Business report

Moving from 165th place (Doing business 2011) to 150th (Doing business 2016), he rose in 2019 to the rank of top 10 best reformers by becoming one of the most reforming countries in the world.

Country Profile 2019 : Togo

Togo is firmly committed to promoting economic growth and attracting foreign investment.

Among the measures undertaken, there are :

The creation of a One Stop Shop (Business Formalities Center) for formalities (24 hours to set up a start-up company, reduced costs by 40%)

Decrease in payroll tax from 7% to 3% in 2 years (2013 – 2014)

Strengthening business incentives :

Under the new Investment Code, there are many exemptions of customs duties

Free tax zone (enterprises located in the free zone that export at least 70% of their production are exempt from tax)

The ability to resolve trade disputes with authorities of international jurisdiction

Lomé is an important financial center housing regional financial institutions headquarters (ECOBANK, BIDC, ORABANK, West African Development Bank)

The creation of a one-stop shop for foreign trade in Togo through a public-private partnership (secure 24-hour Internet platform linking all economic operators and users for all types of operations related to international trade in Togo). for more information on Business Climate and Reforms