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Doing Business in Togo
Togo is firmly committed to promoting economic growth and attracting foreign investment.

Among the measures undertaken, there are :

The creation of a One Stop Shop (Business Formalities Center) for formalities (24 hours to set up a start-up company, reduced costs by 40%)

Strengthening business incentives :

Under the new Investment Code, there are many exemptions of customs duties

Free tax zone (enterprises located in the free zone that export at least 70% of their production are exempt from tax)

The ability to resolve trade disputes with authorities of international jurisdiction.

The creation of a one-stop shop for foreign trade in Togo through a public-private partnership (secure 24-hour Internet platform linking all economic operators and users for all types of operations related to international trade in Togo).

Lomé is an important financial center housing regional financial institutions headquarters (ECOBANK, BIDC, ORABANK, West African Development Bank)

Togo Invest offre la possibilité de directement soumettre en ligne sur sa plateforme digitale vos projets en vue de démarrer le processus de sélection.


Our vision

To become the strategic financial instrument of the togolese State capable of developping and leveraging sustainable investments with the aim to accelerate economic growth and to build a strong and dynamic economy for the wellbeing of the togolese population.

Our mission

To lead in the development of strategic investments by and for the State in order to create value for Togo’s economy and its citizens.

Our Values

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