From our CEO

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Dear Partners

Togo had been engaged for five years in implementing the TOGO economic development corridor vision; This approach focuses on the development of a logistics and development corridor that serves both the national economy and neighboring countries, particularly the hinterland countries.

This corridor will reinforce the privileged role of TOGO as a multimodal and multidimensional hub.

To this end, our institution has the privilege but also the duty to guarantee the implementation of this vision of the size of the Togolese State entrusted to it. Our company constitutes for the State, the privileged financial vehicle called of strategic preference in various sectors key for the realization of this project of development and development of this strong and dynamic Togolese economy.

Our mission is to drive the development and implementation of strategic investments for the state to create value for the Togolese economy and its people.

It is therefore for us, an honor to ensure the accomplishment of our mission with different state institutions as well as those of the private sector Togolese.

Together with you, we continue to work to contribute to Togo’s sustainable economic development and prosperity.

Samuel Ekue MIVEDOR
CEO, Togo Invest